• The likelihood of a car engine malfunction is generally never expected; however it is always a possibility. When it happens, the very worst thing a motorist can do is approach another motorist for help. The safe thing to do is to call our local towing company who will have you out off of the road and in to a service center in no time flat. We have a large fleet of towtruck and our technicians are competent and reliable. Our staff is helpful and courteous and can handle most any job regardless of size and complexity of the job.

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  • Have you ever been in the uncomfortable or even dangerous situation where your car broke down in the middle of traffic and just would not start? What about the time when you had an accident and stood there helplessly on the side of the road waiting for help to come? Have you ever wondered why it seemed so hard to find a reliable auto towing company that knows the area and can quickly find you? Call our Chester Tow Truck Company and we'll get to you speedily.

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  • Thump thump, thump thump. "You've got to be kidding, right?"  No worries. At Chester Tow Truck Company we have reliable professionals all over Orange County New York. We remove flats and install spares on all cars, trucks and SUVs. We can plug most tires for a temporary fix or tow you to a trustworthy tire repair shop. We have our towing in Florida NY, South Blooming Grove, Harriman NY, and Monroe-Woodbury.  We are just a quick call away to save you from frustration and inconvenience. 

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  • Engine breakdown is frustrating, yet unavoidable. It's quite annoying for a person with his or her car on the side of the road due to engine breakdown, battery or any other issue like a lockout. Few things are more frustrating than when you accidentally lock yourself out of the car. We at Chester Tow Truck Company are here to assist you with professional tow trucks and recovery specialists. We provide our towing services all over Orange County NY and have our tow trucks in Monroe-Woodbury NY, Florida NY, South Blooming Grove and all of Orange County NY.

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  • Accidents do happen and if you find yourself in a broken down vehicle anywhere near Goshen, Chester, or Monroe NY, then call our county wide towing company. We will send a tow truck to your location while reducing stress and expense. We can handle all types of recovery tows from small sedans to larger vehicle requiring wrecker service. Don't fuss with the unexpected, call for our tow truck and we will rescue you.

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  • Did you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere? Chester Tow Truck Company offers fuel recovery assistance to drivers who run out of gas in the Goshen Monroe NY area. If you have no gas and you need emergency gas, we can deliver gas to your vehicle to get you underway again.

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  • Call us at (845) 637-3438 for 24hr towing services in Chester, Goshen, Monroe-Woodbury, NY and all of Orange County. Our affordable tow truck service will get you out a jam and back on your way in no time.

    Call us 24/7

  • Abandoned on the side of the road is not a dream situation for any individual.  If you want to quickly change the situation, then you will want to call for our tow truck in Goshen NY to Monroe NY.  This can help you by towing your vehicle to a service station or do a quick repair that will get you going to your next destination.  We offer the best group of service providers that can help you to change your location and move to your next stop.  Knowing how to find the right towing service anywhere near Chester NY can also help you to immediately remedy problems with your car breakdown or truck or even if a collision occurred. 

    Chester Tow Truck Company knows how you feel. We have years of experience and are the statewide towing company of choice for hundreds of satisfied customers. When you need a tow, Chester Tow Truck Company will be close by to help. Because of our city wide towing experience, we know our area well. If you are anywhere near Goshen, Blooming Grove, Monroe-Woodbury NY we are the towing and tow truck of choice. No longer will you have to be concerned about finding a tow truck when you really need one. We will quickly send a skilled driver from our elite towing team to assist you.

    Even if you are stuck on the highway, you can expect an expert in interstate towing to quickly arrive with their towtruck to help you in any situation. Have you ever been concerned that you may be too far out to get help? Never fear, Chester Tow Truck Company offers long distance towing at affordable rates to move your vehicle. In an accident? We also offer flatbed towing for your convenience and we know how to safely get you to where you need to go.

    Chester Tow Truck Company offers affordable towing 24 hours a day and our number one priority is YOU. We aim to quickly and safely fulfill your towing needs by taking care of you and your vehicle. When you have our phone number on hand you will feel confident that any towing needs that arise with your vehicle will be taken care of by Chester Tow Truck Company. We will gladly be standing by to assist you in those frustrating times when things aren't going perfectly. Our customers are number one and we are here for you. Call Chester Tow Truck Company today to ask about our prices and range of services!

    Chester Tow Truck proudly offers:
    Affordable Towing
    Citywide and Statewide Towing
    24 hour availability
    Courteous Customer Service
    Expert drivers
    Skilled technicians
    Quick response
    Ability to handle any size job
    Safety as a priority

  • Our Customer Service Guarantee

    Our dependable tow truck operates to furnish auto towing and other towing services (including 24 hour towing) whenever you require a tow within our geographic service area. Our well-trained and courteous technicians provide a fast response to your request for towing assistance. We offer city wide towing in Chester, New York and surrounding areas.

    You cannot always predict when you will require a tow. But you can count on us to arrive to assist you when you call upon us. We take great pride in furnishing rapid, professional expert towing services to our clients!

    Our company maintains six basic areas of professional customer service. We assure you that:

    • You and your auto are safe in our hands: We emphasize safety first! Our expert drivers possess experience performing tows in rural, suburban and city wide areas, in all types of weather.
    • We regard the safety of our clients and their vehicles as our most important towing obligation.
    • Our well trained technicians are reliable and familiar with local towing requirements: We abide by local towing regulations.
    • You will be pleased you called upon us for assistance.
    • We are easy to contact: Our auto towing trucks operate as an affordable 24 hour towing service.
    • Our technicians are courteous and helpful: We provide elite towing in Chester, Woodbury, Monroe, and Florida NY.
    • We respond to service calls promptly: When you require a skilled tow truck driver, you can count on us to treat your service call as our priority.
    • Our well maintained fleet is capable of tackling any size job: Chester Tow Truck Company furnishes the services of a professional local towing fleet.

    Call on Us!

    Chester Tow Truck Company offers professional 24 hour towing services. Our elite towing fleet can complete both massive and small jobs. We perform auto towing correctly. We’ll follow safety procedures to make certain that your tows arrive at their destination in good condition.

    We offer local towing and provide comprehensive towing services. When you need an expert to furnish affordable towing, we’ll send a skilled tow truck driver anywhere near Harriman NY, Monroe-Woodbury NY, Chester NY, Blooming Grove NY, Goshen NY for towing services; and a well maintained towtruck to assist you at any hour of the day or night. We can provide affordable 24 hour towing on an emergency basis, or provide assistance if you simply require a tow to transport your automobile to a repair station for scheduled repairs. No job is too large or too small. Call our county wide towing service telephone number whenever you require the services of a towtruck in Chester, New York and surrounding areas in Orange County NY!

    At Chester Tow Truck Company we offer wide range of services related to auto towing or any other roadside assistance. Whether you are locked out of your car, or facing vehicle breakdown. Either your fuel just hit “E” or your vehicle’s tire just blow out. We provide towing services to assist you and solve  any stranded vehicle problems.

    We provide our towing services all over Orange County New York and have our tow trucks in Florida NY, Harriman NY, South Blooming Grove NY and Monroe-Woodbury NY. With our city wide network and commitment to serve our clients, we provide our services 24/7 round the clock.

    We offer reliable 24hr towing services at affordable prices and respond fast to get you out of the frustrating situation as soon as possible. Our professional and skilled team knows what’s best for your vehicle and you. Thus takes all safety measures before hand to avoid any further possibility of danger.

    You can also call for roadside assistance if your vehicle is stuck into snow or any other place. With our well equipped and fully functional towing trucks, we are able to pull you out of such situation with the safest way possible.

    It is always recommended to call us when you think “where is a tow truck near me” rather than trying to fix things yourself. Your inexperience at such things can cause further difficulties and increase the amount of damage. By calling our reliable towing service provider at your area, you rest assured that we are prepared to handle your vehicle. At Chester Tow Truck Company we make sure our customer feels himself and his vehicle is in safe hands while working with us.

    Our flatbed towing trucks are able cater just about any vehicle regardless of its size.  With our team of experts we have capability to emergency repair and tow vehicles like Big RV’s and pickup trucks. One of the most often complaints we hear about other towing service providers is that they are expensive and charge more than reasonable service charges. This is another problem you face if you are calling any other towing service provider. As an honest and well reputed towing service provider we will never take advantage of your situation. You see, we value customer satisfaction over profit.  We have standard affordable rates for our services. These small charges are reasonable to save you from the inconvenience you could have faced without our skilled team.

    So, if you ever need a tow truck then just give us a call and we will be with you in no time.