• Fuel Delivery

  • At Chester Tow Truck Company we provide emergency fuel delivery service to stranded motorists. You can be out of fuel anytime, for many different reason. Either you cannot find or have any nearby fuel station or you got a wrong meter estimation in a middle of nowhere. You can also be out of fuel for a snowy or extreme  weather emergencies or you just assumed that your car suddenly  stopped because it was low on fuel.

    Regardless of these reasons, we can assist you by providing emergency fuel in Monroe NY, Goshen NY, Harriman NY, or anywhere in Orange County New York to help your car get back on the road again.

    Mostly what happens is that a car or any vehicle suddenly stops down on road for any possible reason. Instead of you having to walk for miles to the nearest gas station yourself, it is recommended to call our towing service instead. Otherwise you could try calling one of the other reputable towing companies nearby Monroe NY or Washingtonville NY. But if you want the fastest most reliable 24hr towing response you must call us at Chester Tow Truck Company – we will come to your rescue.

    What most people do is call us regardless.  Think about it – even if you succeed in getting fuel from the fuel station after all the walking and trying to find a suitable container, and any other hardships – it doesn’t necessarily mean you are in the clear. After all, the reason for your vehicle breakdown might turn out NOT to be an empty fuel tank. It can turn out to be any other problem with car or truck, for which you might need an auto mechanic to get your car back on road anyway.

    The best solution is for you to call us at Chester Tow Truck Company

    Not only we will send your required amount of emergency fuel , but our professional team will also be able to detect the problem before even filling the fuel tank. Our skilled mechanic will be with you to make any quick repair to your car and get it back on road. If it can’t be repaired on the spot, then we can also flatbed tow your vehicle to a safe place for repair.

    It isn’t always the case but a possibility. So why not call us ? Why not be prepared for worst and leave the things to our professionals when you aren’t sure yourself? We tow, fill the fuel tank, or repair your vehicle – whatever suits you best and is able to make your vehicle back on road again.

    With our helpful support, we make sure you feel in safe hands .

    We provide our fuel delivery and towing services 24/7 round the clock all over New York. We have our tow trucks in Florida NY , Harriman NY , Monroe-Woodbury NY, South Blooming Grove NY and all over Orange County NY.

    Placing Your Safety First!

    Our technicians observe high safety standards; if you discover that the vehicle won’t function even with these fuel recovery assistance efforts, as an elite towing company, we can offer you a tow to a garage. We provide comprehensive local towing using a well maintained tow truck. Our affordable towing assists customers in many circumstances. Contact us whenever you require a towtruck:

    • To assist with tows following an accident;
    • To deliver gas to stranded motorists;
    • To help extract vehicles from roadsides following heavy snows, flooding or muddy conditions;
    • To assist with tows if the vehicle becomes unsafe to drive due to mechanical failure;
    • Whenever law enforcement agencies or emergency services require towtruck assistance.

    Our well maintained, affordable flatbed towing fleet can accommodate any size job. We’ll provide prompt, professional reliable service every time you contact us. And we take your request for assistance seriously.

    We’re very easy to contact (simply call our telephone number). We respond quickly. And our technicians offer courteous and helpful support to stranded motorists. You and your auto will remain safe in our hands!

    Fuel Recovery Assistance and Towing

    Often tows and fuel recovery assistance efforts function as two important steps in clearing stranded vehicles from roadsides following weather emergencies or natural disasters. When vehicles become stranded in bad weather, starting them again sometimes proves difficult. It can greatly assist a motorist when a towtruck can offer either fuel recovery assistance or a tow- whichever alternative proves most helpful.

    If you have no gas and you believe your vehicle can function in safety, our elite towing service can provide the most affordable towing alternative. We can deliver gas if you need emergency gas to get underway; but if the vehicle still won’t start, or you cannot drive in safety, when you contact us you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing our towtruck furnishes local towing, too. Either way, you’ll find yourself in a much better position!

    Assisting Commercial Fleets

    Our company offers helpful professional tows to commercial fleet vehicles which break down on roads in Chester, New York and surrounding areas. We’ll happily supply fuel recovery assistance or tows, whichever service proves most useful to your drivers at the time. You can depend on our elite towing firm to tackle this type of job professionally and rapidly.

    We undertake assignments of many sizes. No job is too small or too large for our well maintained, modern local towing fleet to handle! If you believe that you may require a tow, but you’d prefer to try fuel recovery assistance first, we can help you.

    Call Us Today. Call us whenever you require professional towing!