• How to Get Road Tow Service for Flat Tire Fix in Monroe NY or Harriman NY

  • Fix a Flat Tire in Monroe-Woodbury NY, Harriman NY, and Chester NY

    Imagine you happen to be driving somewhere inside the area of Monroe NY and that you are new to that area. It's late into the evening and you got a flat tire. Sounds like the opening scene of your cheesy horror movie, right? Well this story doesn't have to get rid of badly. You can relax once you know the way to reprogram your own flat tire.

    If one happens to obtain a flat tire while driving the car, the very first thing you need to do is reduce and pull aside on the road. Do not try to keep they are driving around the flat tire or else you will perform a large amount of injury to your wheels and rims. If you happen to be with a highway or busy road, ensure you happen to be far enough over sideways so that you happen to be out in the way of passing cars.

    Always more around with a spare tire in your trunk. A spare tire is a small tire sometimes termed as a "donut." Most cars come with a spare tire already. The two most important components you must need to change your tire (apart from the tire) are a jack as well as a tire iron. Once you have found the spare tire as well as the tools you need, ensure your car is in park and the emergency brake is on. This is very necessary when you do not want your vehicle rolling away or worse... rolling over you. Most importantly, never change a tire if the car is parked on the slope or maybe a hill. Make sure you are on a flat work surface. If you don’t have a spare tire then call a tow truck around Monroe NY

    Next, you'll want to get the tire iron, it is the same shape as an "L". Place the tire iron in the lugs on the wheels and turn them. The lug nuts will probably be tight so use some force. Remember the saying, "lefty loosy" and "righty tighty." Once the lugs are loose, drop the tire iron and never touch the lugs. You won't want to actually take them off yet. Now is the time to begin the process of jacking the car. Refer to your owner's manual if you happen to be unsure the best way to utilize jack and where exactly it needs to be placed under your vehicle. The flat tire should be raised completely up and running. Once this is achieved, you'll be able to take away the lugs along with the tire completely.

    Next, it's time to fix on the spare tire. Hold up the tire and align the holes along the wheel studs. After you have the tire hanging within the wheel studs, start putting the lugs back on, utilizing the tire iron to ensure they're on tight.

    Once the spare tire is on, make use of the jack to reduce your vehicle back in the floor. Now that your vehicle is around the ground, tighten the lugs one final time. Place the flat tire in the spot where your spare tire was and drive to a nearest service station. Remember, your spare tire is smaller than average and hasn't been meant to push on for very long period of time or lengthy distances. You will have to get the flat fixed without delay.

  • What to Do In Case of a Flat Tire

    Drivers are advised to slow down and park their vehicle somewhere safe from traffic. Continuing driving can increase damage and effects both rim and tire. It is also difficult to control vehicles with flat tires.

    Our well equipped tow trucks have all the necessary tools and safety equipment to help you in roadside emergencies like these and our licensed tow truck operators are all highly experienced to consider all precautions on duty.

    Roadside assistance for a flat tire will come in very handy, and you can call us anytime because we offer 24 hr services. Our client support is easy to reach and to contact. Once a call is received, and information is dispatched, we are quick to respond as we possibly can. It is our guarantee that you and your auto are in safe hands.

    Tires can blow out or leak air anytime. It can be due to variety of reasons. These include, but are not limited to: damage to the wheel itself, a damaged valve system, a puncture in the tire (which sometimes can be hard to find if the puncture didn’t embed itself in the tire, which among other reasons can happen by running over a board with nails sticking out, for example) and improper installation of the tire, which could involve the bead of the tire being cut when installed with excessive force.

    Situations like such can rip our day apart and create inconvenience for us, anywhere anytime. Obviously, one can handle minor problems regarding it having proper kit. But for proper installation and repairing of a flat tire, it is always good to call a professional from a towing company nearby. As a well reputed towing company in Harriman NY and Monroe-Woodbury NY, we encounter many people who don’t bother and try to handle such situations themselves. Most of them aren’t qualified to do it and end up making things worse for them. Either they don’t evaluate the actual damage to the tire or they don’t apply the airtight seal properly. These situations can also be dangerous if you lack the necessary equipment or are unaware of the precautions one should take while working on a busy road or motorway.

    Call us 24/7 and get your flat tire repaired by an expert towing company in Goshen NY or South Blooming Grove NY or anywhere near Chester NY. We’ll be there right away!